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CHEM 301: Find News

Resources for students in Dr. Miller's Chemistry Seminar.

Evaluating News

News includes many formats, including newspaper articles, investigative journalism, magazines, trade publications (news for a specific field, such as higher education or chemical engineering), broadcast journalism, and online news websites. How can you tell if you're looking at a quality news source?

  • The publisher or news organization should be easy to spot
  • Google the news organization - they should have a website, Wikipedia page, and be referenced in other sources
  • Pay careful attention to the date
  • More reliable news sources list an individual author - you should be able to find their credentials and journalistic history
  • More reliable news sources list sources and accurately represent the claims in those sources
  • Google a few things about the article or click around on the news website

Below, you'll find some news publications the SU Libraries subscribe to. These are great places to start.

Science News

General News

Static Media Bias Chart

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