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CADR 321: Methods and Theories

A course guide for CADR 321: Research Methods in Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution

Searching Methodically

When you are searching for specific kinds of studies, it's helpful to use that term along with your keyword to find articles. Here's an example: 

Then, use the limiters on the left side to refine your search accordingly. 

Helpful Hints About Keywords

Identify simple one or two-word concepts in your topic:

  • reproductive rights
  • two-state solution
  • trade war

Search the keywords from your topic along with the keywords and names from the theory you are using:
environmental issues AND human needs OR maslow
​Israel Palestine Conflict AND function of conflict OR coser


Try lots of different combinations of your search terms! 
gun control AND structural violence OR gultang
second amendment AND structural violence OR gultang