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Library Instruction Scheduling & Planning

Community requests from regional schools, organizations, and other groups

The Instruction Team receives requests from non-SU groups for orientations, instruction sessions, and other kinds of events. Although the library instruction team welcomes such requests, bringing non-SU folks can have serious legal implications associated with participants who are minors.

Please use this guide as a checklist to make sure we have done our due diligence to protect both SU and non-SU users.

1. Community Request Form - Do not make plans for an event until this form has been completed. In addition to obtaining critical information about the event, this form requires the requestor(s) to acknowledge their required presence at all stages of the event, from the time they set foot on campus until they leave. 

2. Schedule it as a Library Instruction event like normal (use of the Instruction Survey for Students is not necessary)

3. Bus parking: Before the visit, contacts should apply online for a visitor parking permit. Buses can drop off at the Rte 13 AC entrance, and then park in the Asbury Church Parking lot on the corner of Dogwood Dr. and Camden Ave.

4. If working with a public school, it's always a good idea to incorporate the databases that are freely available to all Maryland public schools. No login necessary; authentication access is provided through a state-wide IP recognition. Here is the list of the databases that all our public school students have access to:

Group Temporary Network Username & Password

Group Temporary Network Logins

  1. Go to GullNet, Main Menu, SU Custom, Security, Temp Ad Accounts. 
  2. Create a normal temporary ID like you would for a community patron. 
  3. Use your name, and employee info (efor example, office phone #, and GullCard #).
  4. Select the Start and End dates that are appropriate for your event. 
  5. Share the username and password with the group you are working with at your event.