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International Political Economy


After a prolonged period characterized by the spread of free trade as the dominant norm in global trade, recent years have witnessed the reemergence of mercantilism as a popular and powerful tool of national economic policy. What variables explained the rise of the free trade regime? What countries and institutions were instrumental to its development? Conversely, what variables explain the growing pursuit of mercantilist policies in the current international system? What explains the timing of the emergence of this new wave of mercantilism? What countries are instrumental to its rise, and which institutions best illustrate the impact of mercantilism today? Finally, in your opinion which trade strategy is best and why?

Prior to submission of the final draft, you must submit in hard copy form a detailed outline and annotated bibliography (citing at least 6 separate sources beyond any material already assigned for this class). Your outline and annotated bibliography is worth 20 points. Your final paper must be 8-12 pages in length, must include at least 10 separate sources beyond any material already assigned for this class, and must be submitted online through Turnitin.

Manage & Organize

ProQuest RefWorks is a citation management tool. It's a really good start to keep track of all the sources you need for your annotated bibliography and paper. It is only a start, however. You will need to double check all of your formatting against the Chicago Style Guide to make sure they are correct!

You can check out this guide for help or ask a librarian!