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MKTG 440: Content Dev. & Inbound Mktg: Web Resource Toolkit

Resources to help identify professional skills and develop a blog's target audience persona.

Professional Associations

Include job postings, professional development toolkits, webinars, industry news, and more.

Below are just a handful of professional and trade association websites. Use Google to search for others that relate to your interests (use keyword(s), plus the word association). Locate pages such as Resources, Careers, Jobs, Webinars, etc. to gather ideas for the types of skills desired.

Note: Some tools may be restricted to members, but enough information is available to make association websites worthwhile resources.

Career and Job Hunting Advice, News

News, blogs, and trends for job seekers and professionals.

Employment Data, Trends, and Issues

Want to dig deeper? These resources may help identify current or future skills required of the workforce as a whole, as well as other employment-related issues (inequality, increasing education requirements, etc.).

To get the most from these resources, you will need to think critically and approach your topic from a different angle. For example, if the Occupational Requirements Survey tells us that in 2017, the average manager sat 68% of their workday, or that sales agents dealt with a higher percentage of schedule changes in comparison to others, what does that mean to a job seeker or new professional? Are there skills to acquire or advice to pitch that would help one better navigate these conditions?

Company/Job Research Sites

In addition to job postings, these websites provide plentiful information on individual companies, career paths, industries, and required skills/tools.