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MBA Program: Research Methods

Are you a M.B.A. student at Salisbury University? If so, then this guide is for you!

Books and eBooks with Case Studies

Many textbooks will include case studies throughout the text or as part of an appendix. Try searching for books that contain case studies by trying the following search terms in the SU Libraries Quick Search:

  • business cases
  • business case stud*
    • Using an asterisk* tells the search engine to search for all endings of a word, such as study or studies.
  • case study research

Here are some select titles to get you started:

Research Methods by Subject

Journals with Case Studies

How do I access journals?

Print: Current issues (roughly the most current 12 months) are in "The Pit" on the first floor. Older issues are located in the third floor Bound Journals section (compact, movable stacks). Both sections are organized alphabetically. To access an aisle in the Bound Journals section, check for patrons in the aisles, then rotate the crank on the movable stack next to the aisle you need to access.

Online: Search for a journal by name in the library Quick Search, or access the links below. Click on the Find It button on the journals' record to check for online access. If access is available, you will see a link(s) to a database as well as the available date range. Make sure you select one with the right date range for your needs. (e.g., 1990 through present). Most databases will give you the option to either search within the publication (using keywords), or to browse specific issues (listed by year/month, volume, or issue).

Click on Search within this publication to search by keyword

Enter "case stud*" followed by keywords relating to your topic to find case studies.

Databases with Case Studies

How to construct a search for case studies in Business Source Premier

Searching for case studies in the ABI/INFORM Global database