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HLTH 315: Community Nutrition: Infographics

What are infographics?

Infographics, or information graphics, are illustrative representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. A well-crafted infographic can support learning by using graphics to enhance the human eye's ability to see patterns and trends; on the flip side, poorly done infographics can lead to misunderstanding and misinformation. This page has information for you to create your best infographics! The left column lists tools, and the right column has other resources for you.

This LibGuide page was based on the Infographics Guide from UIUC

Online Tools

Online Tool Comparison Chart

  Piktochart Canva Infogram
Storage 5 visuals/projects; 2 free downloads Unlimited 1GB 10 visuals/projects 5 visuals/projects
Charts 14 types 4 types 5 types 40+ types 9 types
Data Import Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Embedded Media Videos Videos Videos, gifs, audio + Videos, gifs, audio + Video & Audio
Download Format PNG, PDF, PowerPoint JPG PNG, JPG, PDF Upgrade to download JPG
Alt Text No No No Yes No
Watermark Yes No No Yes Yes
Web Publishing Private Public Private Public Public


Other Resources

These are slides from a data visualization expert, Edward Tufte, that have best practices for infographics.