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HLTH 230: Chronic & Communicable Disease

Topics and Keywords

Once you have chosen a disease from Dr. Nobiling's list, you will have to come up with the right keywords to find the necessary information for each section of your case study.

Using Keywords

Keywords are search terms that pull the important information from your topic. Searching for information using keywords helps ensure that you're getting the most relevant search results possible. Keywords can be pulled directly from your topic and expanded with synonyms and related terms. 

If your topic is lung cancer, your search terms might resemble the following

Keywords Synonyms
Lung Pulmonary
Cancer Carcinoma


Expanding on Your Topic

Once you've chosen a disease to research, you will need to expand your topic and your keywords in order to find information for each section of the case study. 

For example, if you need more information for a particular section of your case study, your keywords might look like this:


Section Keywords
Cause of the disease Lung cancer, causes, cigarette, predisposition
Who the disease affects Lung cancer, patients, demographic, age, lifestyle
How the disease is managed or controlled Lung cancer, treatment, cure, pain management
How the disease could be prevented Lung cancer, prevention, safeguard, protect
Any social determinants of the disease Lung cancer, impact, social, lifestyle, socioeconomic