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HLTH 230: Chronic & Communicable Disease

Critically Evaluate Information

Critically Evaluating Sources (what do we mean by "sources"?)

For college-level research, you'll want to consider using only the highest-quality information sources you can find. Between the internet and SU’s library, the “best” information can depend on the assignment. Here are some ways to determine the best information sources to lend support to your own research. 

Evaluation time!

Source 1: Campling, B. G., Ye, Z., Lai, Y., Li, L., Bar-Ad, V., Werner-Wasik, M., Lu, B., Cowan, S. W., Evans, N. R., Chervoneva, I., & Wang, C. (2019). Disparity in age at lung cancer diagnosis between current and former smokers. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, 145(5), 1243–1251.

Source 2: Lung cancer. (2018).