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SOWK 309: Privilege and Oppression : Find Books

Sample Topical Titles

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SU Libraries has a significant collection of eBooks. 


Electronic books (eBooks) offer convenience to the reader; you can read them from anywhere! These full-text electronic books are available through the library catalog.

We have electronic books from different vendors, for example - EBSCO ebooks, ProQuest ebooks, etc. As a result, they will look different and the download process may be slightly different. Some have single user license which means they may be 'virtually checked out' when you are trying to access them. Virtual check out time varies from title to title. If this sounds a little complicated and you run into issues while downloading an ebook, feel free to call the Research Help Desk or contact us via chat.


Browse by Call Number

These are call number ranges you might want to browse for books about Social Work topics:

  • HN1-995  Social Problems, social reform
  • HQ12-449  Sexuality
  • HQ503-1064   The family & marriage
  • HQ1060-1073.5   Gerontology
  • HT1521-          Racism
  • HV697-4959   Protection, assistance & relief
  • HV679-700.7   Families
  • HV701-1420.5  Children
  • HV1421-1441  Teenagers
  • HV1442-1448  Women
  • HV1449   Homosexuals
  • HV1550-1594    Aged
  • HV1551-3024   Disabled
  • HV5725-5840   Alcoholism
  • HV5725-5840   Drug Abuse
  • HV6001-7220.5  Criminology
  • HV7231-9960  Criminal Justice Administration