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Parents and Family Members' Guide to the SU Libraries: Technology

This guide is intended to help parents and other family members of SU students get to know what the Libraries have to offer their students.


The SU Libraries MakerLab is in Room 118 in the southeast corner of the first floor of the GAC. Here your student can get help with 3D printing and scanning, use Virtual Reality technology, cut out designs using a laser cutter, and even make buttons. For more information, go to the MakerLab home page.

Technology in the GAC

The GAC is a technology-rich building. Here is what we have that is available for student use:

1. Wi-fi: Strong wi-fi is available throughout the GAC.

2. Desktops: There are several hundred desktop computers for public use in the GAC. These are found mostly on the first and second floors. The vast majority are Windows-based, but there are some Macs scattered around.

3. Circulating technology: Laptops, Chromebooks, Fitbits, charging kits, headphones, flip cameras, and umbrellas (they're technology, too!) can be checked out at the Library Service Desk, while iPads can be checked out at the MakerLab. Students need to make an appointment to check out and return iPads or Chromebooks; see our Check Out an iPad page for details.

4. 42" monitors: The 13 group studies (all on the second floor) have 42" monitors that students can use to share their work with each other. There also are 6 collaboration tables on the second floor and several classrooms (117, 163) that have collaboration tables, all with 42" monitors.

5. Black-and-white printing: There are black-and-white GoPrint stations at multiple locations around the GAC, including some that allow printing from mobile devices. The most heavily-used printers are in the Pit on the first floor, one at each end.  There also are printers on the first floor by classroom 162 and near the MakerLab (including mobile); on the second floor by the Writing Center and in the Café, both of which have mobile printing; on the third floor in front of the Honors College Seminar Rooms (also mobile) and in the southwest corner of the south reading room (also mobile); and on the 4th floor in the little room by the women's restroom (also mobile). Students are allowed 300 prints per week without charge.

6. Color printing: Students can print to the color printer (go_ac146_color) at the Library Service Desk. The charge is 50 cents per page.

7. Scanning/copying:  We do not have any copiers in the GAC.  Instead, we have scanners.  You can print from the scanners or you can email copies to yourself.  There are scanners on the first floor in the two print areas, one near classrooms 162 and 163 and the other opposite the MakerLab; there also is a scanner on the third floor in front of the Honors Seminar Rooms.

8. Fax: There is a fax machine in the printing area near classroom 162. It is offered as a convenience by an outside vendor and is not controlled by SU. There is a charge for using this machine.

IT Help Desk

We are fortunate to have the IT Help Desk on the first floor of the GAC. Here your student can get help with computer and other technology-related issues, whether the technology is SU-owned or a personal device. Go to the IT Help Desk for more information.