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ART 336: History of Graphic Design: Finding Sources

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Sources for ART 336

Several databases pertaining to History may also be helpful for this assignment. Please also check out the list of recommended databases in the History subject guide.

Can't get access to an article, journal, or book? Use the identifying information you do have to find the material with the Citation Linker.

Finding primary sources for your research isn't easy. When looking for primary sources, consider:

  • sourcebooks
  • sources
  • diaries
  • letters
  • autobiographies
  • primary documents
  • religious texts
  • original writings
  • interviews
  • newspaper articles (from the time of the event)
  • ...and more

Critically Evaluating Sources

Critically Evaluating Sources (what do we mean by "sources"?)

For college-level research, you'll want to consider using only the highest-quality information sources you can find. Between the internet and SU’s library, the “best” information can depend on the assignment. Here are some ways to determine the best information sources to lend support to your own research.