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ART 336: History of Graphic Design: Developing Keywords


KEYWORDS carry some of the most important meanings that will open doors to vast amounts of information. You can develop keywords by searching reference sources, books, websites, and thesauri, among other materials.

Creating KEYWORD lists are important in that you will use these terms to search library tools such as the library catalog and article research databases. 

Where can I find background information?

It is important to gather background information on a topic (or object, in this case) before diving into doing research. It can supply context information to give a better understanding of a topic, and it can also be a great way to start developing keywords to use during the research process. Background information on a topic can be gathered from a variety of sources, including textbooks, books, reference materials like encyclopedias, and reputable websites.

Keywords to be use when searching for secondary sources

Based on a visual analysis of the selected object from Special Collections and some additional background research conducted on the object and the time period surrounding the object, here are some preliminary keywords I'll consider using when searching for secondary sources:

  • food rations/rationing 
  • ration coupon/stamp/card/book
  • poster 
  • propaganda 
  • Spain 
  • Europe 
  • World War II 
  • Spanish Civil War 
  • Francisco Franco 
  • Adolf Hitler 
  • Axis Powers 
  • ...and many more