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MGMT 350: Cite Sources

Human Resource Management

In the research process: SYNTHESIZE

    1. Explore topic basics (casual searching)

    2. Background (books and reference sources)

    3. Research (library databases)

    4. Support your argument (cite reliable sources)

    5. Drafts & revisions (research librarians & learning commons)

      Citing Sources: APA

      You always have the most control over the accuracy of your citations when you do it by hand using the selected style manual (above).

      Additional resources:

      Manage & Organize: RefWorks

      ProQuest RefWorks is a citation management tool that assists researchers in gathering, organizing, annotating, and citing their sources. Accounts are free to anyone with an SU email address (students, staff, faculty).

      RefWorks Login

      To set up your account, go here.

      Please note that citation tools like RefWorks are only as perfect as the data they are extracting from resources -- you should always double-check your citations to make sure they are correct.

      Help Pages: