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Art & Art History: Find Books

Browse by Call Number

These are call number subsections you might want to browse for books about Art & Art History topics:

  • AM- Museums, Collectors & Collecting
  • BH- Aesthetics
  • CC- Archaeology
  • N- Visual Arts
  • NA- Architecture
  • NB- Sculpture
  • NC- Drawing, Design, Illustration
  • ND- Painting
  • NE- Print Media
  • NK- Decorative Arts
  • NX- Arts in General
  • TR- Photography

For a more detailed breakdown of the call number ranges, visit the Library of Congress Classification Outline.

Ways to Get Resources

There are three ways to get library books here at SU. In the order you should look for your item, you can borrow from

  1. SU Libraries
  2. Direct Borrowing from our consortium,The University System of Maryland and Affiliated Institutions (USMAI)
  3. Interlibrary loan (ILL) from libraries outside USMAI

Policies can be seen here.


Search for books

Call Number Locator

Call Number Locator

The call number of a library book is like its home address.

Copy and paste any call number you find in WorldCat Discovery to see where it lives in the library.

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