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Citing Business Sources

A How To for Business Citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago

Business Citations in Chicago

ABI/INFORM Global and Business Source Complete Articles

Format for articles:

Last Name, First Name Middle Name. "Title of Article." Journal Title Volume Number, Issue number (Year): pages. Accessed Month Day, Year. DOI


Grier, Kevin, Grier, Robin, and Mkrtchian, Gor. "Campaign Contributions and Roll-Call Voting in the U.S. House of Representatives: The Case of the Sugar industry." The American Political Science Review 58, no. 4 (2023): 340-346. Accessed April 17, 2024. 

Staples, Aaron J., Chambers, Dustin, and Malone, Trey. "How Many Regulations Does It Take to Get a Beer? The Geography of Beer Regulations." Regulation & Governance 16, no. 4 (2022): 1197–1210.Accessed April 17, 2024.

Annual Report


Company Name. Name of Annual Report. URL


PNC Bank. 2023 Annual Report.

Business Source Complete Industry Reports


Reporting Company. "Name of Report." Title of Report, Month Year. Name of Database where retrieved. 


MarketLine. "Make-up in United States." MarketLine Industry Profile, November 2022. Business Source Complete. 

Barnes Reports. (2022). "Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Stores." Barnes Industry Report, 2022. Business Source Complete. 

Data Sets


Data Publisher. Title of Data Set. Dates of Data. Raw Data. Accessed Month Date, Year. URL. Place of Publisher.


Bureau of Labor Statistics. Total compensation for all civilian workers in all industries and occupations, 12-month percent change. 2013-2023. Raw Data. Accessed April 17, 2024., Washington, DC.

Pew Research Center. American Trends Panel Wave 117. November 16-27, 2022. Raw Data. Accessed April 17, 2024., Washington, DC.

Form 10-K


Company. Month Day, Year Form 10-K. URL, accessed Month Year.


PNC Bank. December 31, 2023 Form 10-K., accessed April 2024.


Check the report details box for "Survey by" this is the author. If there is no survey by or if the Source is listed as Statista Market Insights or there is no author lifted then Statista is listed as the author.

Format for reports with named author/authoring body:

Author's Last Name, First Name. "Title of Dataset (Type of Report)." Publication Date. Statista.

Surveyor Name or Authoring Body. "Title of Dataset (Type of Report)." Publication Date. Statista.


Zandt, Florian. "How popular is Guinness in the US and UK? (Report)." March 15, 2024. Statista. 

Brewers of Europe. "Volume of Beer Consumed per Capita in Europe in 2022 by Country (Graph)." November 2023. Statista. 

Format for reports without a named author/by Statista:

Statista. "Title of Dataset (Type of Report)." Publication Date.


Statista. "Beer: Market Data & Analysis (Market Insights Report)." November 2023. 

Statista. "Beer Industry in the United States (Dossier)." 2023. 

SWOT Analyses


Authoring Body. "Title of SWOT Analysis." Publication Month Day, Year. Name of Database, accessed Month Day, Year.


MarketLine. "The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. SWOT Analysis." 2024. Business Source Complete, accessed April 17, 2024.