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COMM 101 Stratton: Find articles


Keywords and example search.

Try search results Limiters.

Review and article record. 

Abstracts for efficient browsing.

If an article is not available in full text try:

  1. Find it button,
  2. Google Scholar,
  3. ILL.

In that order.

Find articles

Communication & Mass Media Complete database allows you to search through almost 1000 communication-specific news and research publications including 326 scholarly communication research journals.

Example research question: "Does the coverage of protests by journalism and news impact public perception of the movements?" (agenda setting theory)

Keywords and synonyms: protestsjournalismnewspublic perception

1. Search: protests = 3912 articles.

2. Use the suggested OR terms: protests OR demonstrations OR activism = 9750 articles.

3.Add journalism or reporting = 1595 articles.

4. Add public perceptions or attitudes or opinion = 178 articles.

5. Limit to: Peer Reviewed and Publication Date (use 2013-2023) = 86 articles.

Time for you to search!

  • Each article result contains an Abstract. In just a few seconds, you can determine if the article is a good fit or not.
  • Which of these are original research studies? Tip: find the METHOD section.
  • If you find an article, use the citation generator to create your APA 7 citation. 
  • Keep your article by downloading it or by using the permalink.

Use the Find It tool to locate full text articles not available in this database. If full text is not available in any of our databases, try Google Scholar. When all else fails, request the article using our free Interlibrary Loan service. Access your account from the library home page My Library Accounts link.