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COMM 101 Stratton: Welcome!

COMM 101 Research Guide Goals

1. Identify keywords from a research topic; use keywords to search a COMM database.

2. Gain familiarity with advanced search techniques such as limiters.

3. Evaluate database article results based on assignment requirements.

4. Gain familiarity with Interlibrary Loan to obtain articles not available in Full Text.

Finding Communication Research

This library workshop intends to help you to effectively and efficiently find sources by covering the following:

  • Understanding the value of information provided by an academic library: Why not just use Google Scholar
  • Search library tools for your article using keywords from the topic you have identified.
  • Evaluate the articles from your search results.

Many research assignments require you to very specific kinds of articles that contain each of the sections:

  • Research question and/or hypotheses
  • Methods section
  • Results section
  • Discussion Section