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COMM 305 Trenary: Citing sources

University of Maryland Global College - MLA

APA 7: Citing an article published in an academic journal.

An APA citation is arranged in a particular way for a scholarly journal article, displayed below in red text. Be sure to pay attention to punctuation and the use of italics for the journal title and volume number. 

Author last name, first initial. (Year). Article title. Journal Title, volume(issue), page numbers. DOI or URL  

Parrigin, J., & Woodall, C. (2022). Sending our faculty to MaRS: The Materials Request System. College & Research Libraries News83(8), 346–353.

Citing Sources: APA

ProQuest RefWorks - Source citation tool

ProQuest RefWorks is nice, but you always have the most control over the accuracy of your citations when you do it by hand using the selected style manual (below).