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COMM 305 Trenary: Getting started

Learning goals

  • Begin to formulate a keyword search strategy based on a topic or assignment requirement.
  • Identify the most appropriate tools & resources to answer a question.
  • Critically evaluate sources based on disciplinary convention.

Assignment review

1. Choose a theory that you find interesting. Multiple theories are in bold in multiple chapters of the text.

2. Learn as much about that theory as you are able from the text.

3. Find an original research study in the Communication Mass Media Complete database where the theory is used. (include the theory in the search terms)

4. You should not have the same article as someone else. Communicate with each other.

Quick poll

What citation style does your work require?
Chicago style: 0 votes (0%)
MLA style: 8 votes (11.27%)
APA style: 63 votes (88.73%)
AARP style: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 71