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Activities for Kids during School Closings: Home

Here are some possible activities to do with your kids at home while schools are cancelled.


Librarians across the country, mostly programming librarians at public libraries, have been sharing some suggestions for activities with children which might be useful to SU parents as they cope with canceled K-12 classes.



  • Kids' Activities Blog: Lots of suggestions for both fun and educational activities for different age groups from babies to middle schoolers.

  • Free Online Classes for Kids: A list of a huge number of free classes in primarily arts but also other subjects, maintained by a company called Sawyer; elsewhere on the site are lists of classes that cost

  • Smithsonian Learning Lab: Wide-ranging collections and activities from the Smithsonian Institution's museums, covering social studies, language arts, science, and the arts 

  • Scholastic Learning at Home: While this site is largely about selling books, it also has various suggestions for activities.

  • The Museum of the World: An interactive experience created by a partnership between the British Museum and the Google Cultural Institute

  • The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Museum Resources: A large guide to digital collections, tours, etc. on museum, archives, and library websites from MCN (formerly the Museum Computer Network)

  • Virtual COVID-19 Friendly Field Trips Around the World: This has links to virtual field trips from museums, zoos, aquariums (aquaria?), farms, space centers, historical sites and landmarks, parks and nature, and miscellaneous other organizations.  Thanks to Megan, a volunteer at, for suggesting this site.

  • Road Trips from Home: This links to virtual field trips about natural wonders, major historic sites such as Machu Picchu and the Egyptian pyramids, and science-related topics. Thanks to Megan, a volunteer at, for suggesting this site.




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