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Teaching with International Students (TwINS): Introduction


Established in 2019, Teaching with International Students (TwINS) is a faculty learning community focusing on exploring pedagogies of teaching in the college classrooms where there are international students. The major goals of this new FLC are:

  • to learn more about the different groups of international students
  • the processes that international students go through before and during their studies in the United States
  • their needs, struggles and successes during their studies
  • their acculturation process
  • advocacy for international students on campus and beyond 
  • community and career engagement for international students
  • the college-level teaching pedagogies and differentiated instruction for international students in order to help them succeed in our classes. 


Secondary goal:

  • have faculty share their experiences when taking SU students on study abroad

Adjusting to the US -- Book resources

SU Janet Dudley-Eshbach Center for International Education