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Business: Find Articles & More

Access SU Libraries Databases

Do you have a citation and need to find the article?

Use the library's CitationLinker tool. Identify parts of the citation and use what you know to search for the article.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

+Search Recommended Databases for Articles

Search Strategies

1. Research question or statement

What is it exactly that you are trying to find? Think of a way to state your topic in 1-2 sentences. 

2. Search terms

Pull words (and/or synonyms of those words) from your statement/question to use as KEYWORDS to craft your search...

  • international management
  • culture
  • business strategy

...and use BOOLEAN OPERATORS to broaden or narrow your search, or create relationships between keywords...

  • management AND culture
    • Searches for resources using BOTH of these keywords
  • (business OR management) AND culture
    • Searches for resources that use EITHER business OR management, in addition to searching for mention of culture
  • (business OR management) AND cultur*
    • Same search as above, but expands the meaning of cuture. Using an asterisk* to truncate a word tells the search engine to find all possible endings of that truncated word (cultur* = cultural, culture, cultures...)
  • (business OR management) AND cultur* NOT "United States"
    • Use NOT to eliminate keywords or phrases from your search results. This is especially useful if, after trying a search phrase, you receive too many results that pertain to an area that is not relevant to you.

More Tips

  • Use Search Options or Filters to further narrow your search to a specific type of resource, date range, etc.
  • String together relevant synonyms or words with similar meanings to broaden your search results. ---> strategy OR plan OR method OR practice
  • Avoid inputting your entire research statement into the catalog or a database's search engine. Break it up into keywords as shown above

+Search Library Holdings

Use this box to search for articles, books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, and more!

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