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Open Access: Open researcher identifiers

What are open researcher identifiers?

Researcher identifiers are unique identifiers assigned to each researcher in order to overcome the problem of name ambiguity.

Researcher identifiers can help you:

- distinguish yourself from someone with a similar name
- ensure you get credit for your publications
- get usage statistics for your works
- share your works with other researchers


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ORCiD (The Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is an open, non-profit organization that creates and maintains a registry of unique researcher identifiers. You can use your ORCID record to:

  • showcase your publications, grants and datasets
  • list information about your education, research interests, and affiliation
  • link to other researcher identifiers (such as ResearcherID) and  to your personal website

Registration is quick and free.


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ResearcherID is a free service integrated with the Web of Science. It allocates a unique name identifier to each author who registers with their site. You can use ResearcherID to:

  • maintain personal profile 
  • create a publication list 
  • view citation metrics
  • find potential collaborators