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HONR 490 - Geography & Geosciences: The Research Process

This Guide Can Help You:

This guide can help you:

Form an approach to initiating the research you need to undertake.

Explore background information on your research topic. What do you need to know?

Identify differences between primary and secondary sources.

Explore SU Library's information resources.

Gather information for your thesis.
Organize and format your sources.

Research as Process

A structured approach to research can help to organize ideas and the way you think about information sources.  The information and links contained inside this guide should give you a good idea of where and how to get started working on your Honors thesis/capstone project!  
RefWorks 101:  RefWorks is a way for you to keep track of  journal articles/books that you find when you are doing research.  Way better than more basic systems you might have used in high school, RefWorks will also let you upload and save the entire PDF of journal articles to your account, making them easy to retrieve at any time.

Find Articles:  There are lots of sub-disciplines within Geography & Geosciences, but the search engines I have linked on this tab are the best places you can look no matter what topic you are searching for.  Don't get frustrated by hitting paywalls like when you search through GoogleScholar or PubMed - we've already paid for the full-text access to these journal articles, so get to the entire article by using the resources we provide here!  

Find Books:  Books are a fantastic, scholarly resource that are second to none when it comes to looking for background information on your topic.  Journal articles don't have the time or space to go into much background information, but to write your best  capstone project as possible, background information is crucial.  Books are absolutely the way to go for this step of your research! 

Just Ask!

If you get stuck at ANY point in time while working on your Honors project, please don't hesitate to reach out to me for help!  

It is honestly exactly what I am here for, and I'd love to lend a hand!

Photo by Bill Ward.  Used with Creative Commons license permission.