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GEOG 262: Geography of Sport: Library Day #1

For students in Dr. de Socio's class.

Library Day 1: Background and Demographics

Today we will learn how to:

  • Formulate a research question based on a given assignment. AKA breaking down your research topic into manageable parts.
    • Figure out what bits of information/data you need to answer each of those parts.
    • Understand where exactly you should be looking, in order to find the information/data you need.
  • Search statistics websites and datasets to find demographic and location data.
    • Do you need statistical data? If so, then search
    • Business round table/economic development data? Google your site-specific data.
    • City Data? Try the two city data sites linked in this guide.
  • Refine search results & manipulate keywords.
    • Look over your search results, are they exactly what you need?
    • Can you change or tweak your keywords, or rearrange them in specific ways, to get better search results?

Day 1 Activity