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FYS Library Support


Dear First Year Seminar Instructors,

Welcome to the new academic year! As you prepare to guide our incoming students through their first college experience, we wanted to introduce you to a valuable resource designed to support you in integrating information literacy into your courses.

Understanding that Information Literacy (IL) is an Essential Competency for the First Year Seminar, we aim to provide you with practical guidance on incorporating the five IL standards into your course and assignment design. These standards focus on:

  1. Identifying an information need
  2. Developing a search strategy
  3. Evaluating information and sources critically
  4. Using information effectively in their work
  5. Citing sources ethically

Although Essential Competencies are considered the pillars of SU's Gen Ed curriculum, there's not been much additional context to help FYS instructors incorporate IL into course and assignment design. The librarians may develop more soon, but here is a quick tip that may change your understanding of what it means to build IL into your class and what it looks like when students engage with IL actvities.