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BIOL 350: Cell Biology: Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Annotated Bibliography Directions

Basic steps to using RefWorks for your annotated bibliography assignment:

  1. Follow the directions found HERE to create a RefWorks account with an SU email address, if you do not already have one. 
  2. In RefWorks, create a folder using the naming convention: BIOL 326 - YourLastName. After you have created your folder, share it with Dr. Williams. His email address is:
  3. Every time you read a paper for this class - either a paper that you are asked to read via MyClasses, or a paper that you are asked to find on your own, add it to your shared folder.
  4. For every paper that you add to this folder, double check that all of the citation information is complete. If anything is missing, you can fix it manually, OR you can fix it via Google Scholar by following the basics steps shown in this video.
  5. For every paper that you add to this folder, write an annotation entry for it by clicking on the pencil icon, and writing your annotation/comments in the Notes field (see example image below). You can see how to do this by watching this super-short screen capture video.


example of an annotation typed into the notes field of a journal article record in RefWorks