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Welcome to the research guide for

Music Appreciation.

Since your class has chosen topics from all times and kinds of music, this guide is divided into sections that should help you find the best sources for  your research. 

Choose the tab that for the category of music that you want to research.  These guide pages will  take you to the most important sources for your topic.

If you don't see what you need here, or if you can't find the right information,  just ask!

Cite your sources!

Why? Well, first of all, when you use another person's words or ideas, you should give them credit.  It's the right thing to do.

Also, when you use another person's words or ideas without giving credit, it is plagiarism, a form of academic misconduct that can have serious consequences.

So don't mess up--always cite your sources!

 Preventing Plagiarism: A Student Guide (PDF) or Preventing Plagiarism

Several different styles of citation are used in academic writing. In this class you can use the MLA style, which is often used for arts and humanities topics.

Here's a quick guide from the MLA publishers that should have examples of each type of source you are using for this class.

If you're still not sure how or what to cite, just ask your instructor or me! I'm always glad to help.



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