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GEOG 262: Geography of Sport: Library Day #3


Before you can design anything for your team, you need to know all about the history of your city.

Use these resources below to get a better sense of what your city is all about, and what your team uniforms/logos/mascots should reflect....


  • Wikipedia.  Believe it or not, Wikipedia can be great for exactly this sort of thing.
  • Books!  Books are exactly what you need when learning about the history of a city!
  • Your city's official "government" page.  Go to Google, type in the name of your city + .gov
    • EXAMPLE:  


There are lots of uniform generators out there -- here are some to get you started!


Logos and mascots are also exceedingly important parts of all sports teams, and are developed/created with the team & city history in mind.  Create yours accordingly!