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Thesis Preparation Guide: Archiving - SOAR@SU

What is SOAR@SU?

SOAR@SU is the SU Libraries' open access repository for scholarly, professional, and creative works and data.

SOAR@SU is part of the larger MD-SOAR project, currently funded by the USMAI Library Consortium


Self-archiving in SOAR@SU

  1. Register an account:
    1. Go to MD-SOAR and click on the login button on the upper right hand side
    2. Select "Click Here to register"
    3. Enter your email address (you will receive an email from MD-SOAR asking you to complete your registration). It is recommended to use your SU email address
    4. Follow the link in the email from MD-SOAR to complete your registration
    5. Contact the MD-SOAR team (contact information below) to let them know that you are planning to submit a thesis. This information is not included with the registration, and the team needs it to know to add you as a submitter to the thesis collection
      Note: Once the MDSOAR team adds you as a submitter (usually within a few hours after you contact them), you will be able to submit your thesis to the SOAR@SU collection designated for SU theses.
  2. Submit your thesis to SOAR@SU:
    1. Go to MD-SOAR and click on the login button on the upper right hand side 
    2. Enter your email address and password to log in
    3. From the list of institutions, select Salisbury University
    4. Select the collection "SU Graduate Theses"
    5. Select "Submit a new item to this collection"
    6. Enter the information about your thesis 
    7. Upload your file
    8. License your thesis (e.g., select the license type from the drop-down menu, e.g. a Creative Common license) (optional)
    9. Submit the SOAR@SU Distribution license, agreeing to grant SOAR@SU a non-exclusive right to reproduce, publicly display, and distribute your thesis at no cost to users world-wide
  3. Receive confirmation: After the SOAR@SU team reviews your submission, you will receive a confirmation email that your thesis has been added to the collection.

If you need assistance, contact Jennifer Martin at or 410-543-6135 or Ian Post at or 410-677-0020.

Visit the SOAR@SU LibGuide for more information.

Top reasons to use SOAR@SU

Submitting your thesis to SOAR@SU will:

  • make your scholarship freely available to researchers worldwide
  • increase the visibility and impact of your research
  • provide persistent access to your work (no more dead links!)
  • preserve your work for long-term access (even when technology changes!)
  • jump start your publishing career
  • help support open access to scholarship

For more information about SOAR@SU, visit the SOAR@SU LibGuide.

Mediated deposit to SOAR@SU

The SU Libraries can deposit your thesis to SOAR@SU on your behalf. If you want to use this service, you will need to:

  • Review and sign the SOAR@SU Thesis Distribution License to indicate your consent to its terms
  • Submit the signed SOAR@SU Thesis Distribution License and an electronic copy of your thesis to Jennifer Martin at

SOAR@SU and embargo options

If you are submitting your thesis for publication and want to delay access to the full text of your thesis for a specified period of time (e.g. 6 months or 12 months), the SOAR@SU team will set up an embargo for your work  and make it available to the public only after the specified period of time has elapsed.