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POSC 101 (Surak): Assignment

Introduction to Political Science, taught by Sarah Surak


You have access to a great many SU Libraries resources and services, whether you are on campus or off.  While we cope with COVID-19, the SU Libraries are open ONLY for SU faculty, staff, and students at this time, in keeping with Governor Hogan's order that state buildings be closed to the public; access is by swiping your Gull Card on the card readers near the doors.

We will continue to update the SU Libraries COVID-19 Updates and Resources Guide on our current situation. If you have any questions, however, feel free to reach out to me at my email below. 

SU Libraries COVID-19 Updates and Resources


 Paper assignment

Your assignment is to write an analytic paper making a convincing argument supported by evidence. In this, you should formulate a thesis statement or research question, provide a literature review, provide supporting evidence, critique your argument and provide a counter-response, and summarize your work in your conclusion.

Step one: Research topic proposal and supporting paragraph (Sept 27)

Format: Typed paragraph (a strong paragraph requires at least three sentences though most likely you will utilize several more!)
Assignment: Describe your thesis statement or research questions. Explain why this research is important (i.e., “so what?”). Describe sources you might utilize for this assignment. It must be evident from your proposal that you have conducted preliminary research on the feasibility and appropriateness of your topic. To show you have conducted preliminary research on this topic, including full APA format citations for three news articles or academic sources related to your topic. Your topic must be appropriate for an introductory political science course.

Step two: Annotate Bibliography (Oct 18)

Your annotated bibliography should include at least five citations, three of which must be peer- reviewed journal articles. Each bibliography must be at least 125 words in length. Use APA citation style.

Step Three: (Option) Full draft submission Nov 15)

Draft papers must meet the formatting requirements indicated below for the final paper.

Step Four: Final paper (Dec 6)

See the file Research Paper Rubric posted on MyClasses for grading criteria.

Citation requirements:

  • Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate source for this paper.

  • You must cite at least three assigned course reading (book chapters count as individual course readings, I.e., you may cite three different chapters from Introduction to Politics)

  • You must cite at least five peer-reviewed academic journal articles outside of the required course material.

  • Be aware of biases in all sources

  • In-text citations: You must cite all ideas and information that is not your own. All source material utilized in the text must be cited.

Manage & Organize


ProQuest RefWorks is a tool that helps you handle all your citations. The link below takes you through all of the basics of how to utilize RefWorks.