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POSC 101 (Surak): Find Books

Introduction to Political Science, taught by Dr. Surak

Call Number Locator Map

Call number locator map down to the shelf the book is on
Use this to find which shelf your book is on.

Book Search

Books are useful in research projects when looking at larger-picture issues, case studies, background information, history, or trends!

In order to find books on any desired topic, use the search box below. This is the same search box on our library homepage. Search in SU Libraries, all UM System Libraries, or libraries worldwide. Most of the books that you find owned by another University of Maryland System school can be ordered - for free! - and delivered to the SU Library for your use.  Email me and I can show you how to request these books.

You can also use this search to find other types of sources like journal articles and images.