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PHIL 310: Philosophy of Mental Illness: Using Open Access Sources

A course guide for Professor Yujia Song's Philosophy of Mental Illness course.

To Prepare for the Library Session

In addition to viewing the websites listed in the box below called "What is Open Access," please complete the following tasks:

Step 1: Download the PDF of the Article tracing exercise below.
Step 2: Using an article you already have, use the bibliography to get the citation of another source.
Step 2: Copy, paste, and search the entire citation in Google Scholar..
Step 3: Consult the Article tracing exercise and write down the steps that you took to obtain a copy of the article**. Post your response in the My Classes Discussion Board.

What is Open Access?

"Open Access is the free, immediate, online availability of research articles coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment. Open Access ensures that anyone can access and use these results—to turn ideas into industries and breakthroughs into better lives."-- Definition from SPARC

*How to Connect Google Scholar to Search SU Resources

Instructions on how to set Google Scholar up to search SU resources:

--in Google Scholar, expand the menu options and click on the settings icon

--select the middle option: Library Links

--search Salisbury University (if you are on campus, this will appear automatically)

--save your settings


**What if I can't get to my article?