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PHIL 310: Philosophy of Mental Illness: Doing Library Research

A course guide for Professor Yujia Song's Philosophy of Mental Illness course.

To Prepare for the Library Session

Step 1: Download the PDF of the article exercise, linked below. 
Step 2: Open the database Philosopher's Index (click the link below to get to the database)
Step 3: Find a scholarly article about mental illness in the database. Search the phrase <mental illness> or <mental health>; or, use the name of a specific condition you would like to research. If you are unsure if your article is scholarly, use this chart.
Step 4: Obtain the full article, either as a a PDF, HTML text, which you can either print out or save to your computer. 
Step 5: Post to the Discussion Board in My Classes (link is below). 

Philosopher's Index

Where is the full article?

There are a few places to look for the full text of your article:
it may be available directly as HTML text 
it may be available on the same page as a PDF (look over to the left of the screen for the PDF icon
it may be available, but you need to click the yellow find it button and place a loan.

If you want more information about how to obtain the full text of the article, visit this page of the library website