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PHIL 209: Philosophy & Culture: Analysis

This is a libguide created for Dr. Song's Philosophy & Culture class.

Following the Scholarly Conversation

Scholars-- both philosophers and anthropologists-- communicate ideas with out scholars via articles published in academic journals. These journals (sometimes called scholarly journals or peer reviewed journals) are collected in databases. A few useful ones are listed below. 

Use your keywords to search for articles that discuss the same ideas you have about your Culture Group. How do they further or counter these ideas? 

Developing keywords

Helpful databases

PRO TIP: Subject Searching

A good way to refine your search is to use the subjects provided by the database. Here is an example of the subjects in Academic Search Ultimate for a search using the keywords <conflict analysis>.

You will only see the top six, so make sure to click on the show more link to see all of the subjects provided. The number next to the subject indicates how many articles in your results set are tagged with that subject term.