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HLTH 450: Introduction to U.S. Healthcare and Public Health Policy: Overview

How this guide can help you:

For both of your upcoming interview assignments, you'll need to support your reflections and discussions of your interviews with knowledge and scholarship from academic experts, health professionals, government agencies, publicly-available data, or other appropriate sources. This guide will help you in identifying where that information can be found, how to access it, how to evaluate the information to determine if it is the most appropriate source for you to use, and how to cite it.


During this semester students will learn about the numerous components of the US Health care system. Included within these components are the professionals who provide a variety of health related services which keep the system going.  Understanding the roles and responsibilities of these professionals will help students to conceptualize key concepts including but not limited to public health, interest groups, and determinants of access to care. Students must interview one health care personnel who provides service in the community (e.g., administrator, nurse, physician, midwife, dentist, etc.), and explore the types of healthcare services and clinics offered within the facility in which the professional works. Students will then write a reflection paper on their findings, making connections to the levels of care, types of providers, and types of care discussed in the course readings and classroom discussions.

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During the second half of the semester students will learn about policy and advocacy and how these concepts relate to the functioning of the US healthcare delivery system. For the Legislative Interview assignment, students will arrange to meet with a Federal, State or Community legislator/city council member whose scope of authority includes health policy topic they have selected or is a focus of the individual selected for the interview. Conduct an interview of the person seeking his/her opinion on the health policy topic. Next, students will write a short reaction paper (3-4 pages double spaced – excluding references) to the interview, including how community health educators can inform/shape health policy related to issues discussed in the interview. Include your observations and reaction to the experience.

(Full assignment description can be found in your MyClasses page.)

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