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EXSC 344: Exercise Physiology: Overview

Manage & Organize Sources

ProQuest RefWorks is a citation management tool that can help you organize and cite your sources and create bibliographies.

Exhausting the Literature

Exercise Physiology Research Presentation

You will be required to give a 10 minute class presentation on the cellular or physiological topic of your choice. This presentation should include at minimum the following:

  • Title slide
  • Overview slide (what you will cover in your presentation)
  • Introduction/Background slide(s)
  • Relevance of your selected topic and why you selected this topic
  • Detailed explanation of the cellular or physiological mechanism of your topic
  • Summary of findings from 2 scientific studies that provide the most information regarding your topic (include figures, tables, etc.)
  • Potential impact of this topic or area of research on the population, a sport, etc.
  • Explanation of future directions of this area of research (now what?)
  • Summary/Wrap up slide(s)
  • Reference list
    • All slides must be properly cited. Reference MUST be included at the bottom of each slide, with the first authors last name et al., journal title abbreviated, and year. Internet references are not acceptable. Must be peer-reviewed journals.