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Engineering Physics: Standards and Patents

Engineering Standards

An engineering standard is an established norm or requirement, typically in the form of a formal document that sets out uniform technical criteria, methods, and processes. These standards are developed by professional committees and are based on what is considered good engineering practices. They govern everything from the design of simple screw threads to the complexities of information technology networks.

Standards ensure that products and systems work safely and effectively, no matter where they are made or used.

Access the Standards You Need

Historically, engineers purchased standards as they needed them, but this quickly gets expensive as most individual standards now cost anywhere from $40 to $200. Many bodies that codify engineering standards now make some standards available for a free online PDF download, but there are still plenty that ask you to pay.

However, librarians are all about free access to information. Here are some places to help you find free and legal written standards!

Find Patents and Intellectual Property