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BUAD 695 Project Consulting: Further Analysis

Research Tips

  • Ask yourself as many questions as possible to ensure you are thinking critically about the subject.
  • For target market research, consider not just the age, but the lifestyle, gender, household size, location, culture, and other factors that would influence that market's consumer tendencies.
  • Alternate your focus between the industry, company, and the consumer (who would buy X product? would person Y buy it? what prevents them from doing so? what could the company/product do to change this?).

Where to start?

Research Need

  • Segmentation strategy
  • Target customer(s)
    • Psychographics
    • Demographics
    • Socioeconomic characteristics
    • Product end-use (b2b)
    • Company size (b2b)
    • Type of industry (b2b)
    • Geographic location
  • Marketing mix
    • Product strategy
    • Pricing strategy
    • Communication strategy
    • Distribution channels


  • Marketing textbook
  • Company profiles -- library databases
  • Press releases
  • Industry reports -- library databases
  • Statistics -- library databases
  • News stories -- library databases
  • Annual reports -- library databases

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