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ENGL 257 U.S. Multiethnic Lit. Quintana Wulf

Research guide for Introduction to Multiethnic US Literatures

Reference books are good for quick facts and background info

Reference books are useful for finding basic information about authors and:

  • for a quick overview of a topic
  • to develop vocabulary or keywords
  • for suggestions for further sources

These books are located on the main floor of the library near the Research Help Desk and are for use only in the library.  If you don't see the book you want, be sure to ask!

Sources for context, facts, and methods of analysis

Where can I find language that might further describe my topic?

How is this topic discussed in literature, or what literary theory approach can help me to analyze it?

I'm thinking about a topic that examines how Orange's There There is related to the Indian Termination Policy.