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COMM 337 Burns: Find books

Why use books for Research?

Why use books for research?

  • Detailed analysis of a topic
  • Background information
  • Overview of big issue
  • Use bibliographies/references in books to find additional sources

Find books

1. Nigeria - 500,000+ results

2. add media. Notice your results are more specific. Not current enough or not owned by SU? Order through ILL.

3. Limit results to BOOKS under format on the left side of your screen.

4. Volunteer find: Who owns the media? : global trends and local resistances by Pradip and Zoharom

5. Use Call Number Locator to see where the book is shelved.

6. Cite/Export this book citation to RefWorks

Found it in the catalog? Use the call number locator to find it in the building.

Call Number Locator - The call number of a library item is like a home address. Copy and paste any call number you find in the library catalog to see where it lives in the library.