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ENVR 305: Manually Importing Articles


Photo by Flickr user Jacquelinetinney.  Used via Creative Commons license - noncommercial/no modifications made.  

Manually Entering Article Information

So entering information automatically via "direct import" is one way to have citation information go into your RefWorks account, but it is not the only way.  If you have an article in print format, you can manually enter in the citation information so that it is stored and organized within RefWorks.  

Once you are logged into RefWorks, look at the menu bar up at the top.  There you will see a + sign.  


Click this option to manually enter in the article information.  

You'll see that the manual-add option is the last one of the three displayed - Create New Reference:  



Once you pick this option, a nice setup appears - everything is labeled to tell you what goes where -- all you need to do is look at the article in your hand and punch in the correct information.  



The information you are looking for is generally on the print copy of the article you have in your hand - you just need to know where to look for it!


Once you have located all of the information, enter it into the appropriate spots, you will need to hit the Save link to make sure everything is retained in your RefWorks account.  



Once you have done this, all of the citation information will be saved in your Documents list, and the new citation will be there!