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ENVR 305: Find books

Finding Books

(which you can search through the techniques and links provided here) 
are important when learning about the background
information related to your chosen environmental issue!


+In the research process: BOOKS

  • Form an approach to tackling your assignment.
  • Use keywords related to your concept art's topic to search.
  • Explore the library's information resources.
  • Distinguish between popular and peer-reviewed articles.
  • Evaluate the information you are finding on your topic.  
  • Organize and manage the information you are finding & plan on using.
  • Create your 'proof of concept' based partially on the information you find.

+Search for books

Use this box to search for articles, books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, and more!

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There are over 100,000 Ebooks in Library's collection. Ebooks can be used 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection.

Google Book Project

Google Book Search