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SOWK 330/607 : Social Welfare Policy Practice: Home


This guide hopes to cover the following objectives. Click on each tab to find relevant information.


  • Search subject specific databases to identify journal articles on a topic.
  • Request materials not owned by the library using Interlibrary Loan when warranted.
  • Search for sources using a citation or bibliography.
  • Critically evaluate internet sources.
  • Strategically select from a variety of source types to support an argument or outline a topic in a long research paper or other assignment.
  • Cite sources using a citation style appropriate for the discipline if one exists.
  • Recognize and understand what comprises of plagiarism


This guide is created primarily for the students in the Social Welfare Policy Practice: Analyst and Advocate course.

Make sure to review the Policy Analysis Resources. You will need to search multiple databases to write a comprehensive research paper.

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