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HONR 112: Topic Exploration

Washington's Farewell Address

Partial handwritten Washington's farewell address

George Washington


Research Statement: "George Washington was concerned with fighting amongst political parties."

Keywords:   George Washington          fighting          political parties

Fill out the keyword sheet below to explore wording that is used to describe your own topic.

  • "Shade of Retirement"
  • Political Factions
    • North vs South; East vs West
    • Federalist and Democratic-Republicans
  • Neutrality with Other Nations
  • The Man, Himself
    • Biographies
    • Auto-biographies
    • Diaries
    • Letters
  • American Revolution
  • Anglo-Spanish War
  • French Revolution
  • US Government Structure
  • Political Parties
  • International Relations
    • "Most powerful nation in the world"
  • Pop Culture
    • Hamilton