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EasyBib Academic Edition

EasyBib is a great tool for collecting and organizing the sources you find during your research. If you haven't already, you should create an account and use EasyBib throughout the research process.

If you have questions about how to use EasyBib, feel free to ask me or any librarian for help!


In 8 full-10 pages, write a critique which evaluates the quality of the speech that you present to the class. 

Your role: imagine you are an academic and you are publishing a paper about your speech. Your paper will appear on the databases. Therefore, you need to use research but also be original. Move the research forward somehow. Your job is to apply appropriate criteria and come up with a fair, logical, supported judgment of what you see. Do not simply restate the content.

Use 6-8 peer reviewed/scholarly sources 

Due Dates
Annotated Bibliography: 2/24                                                                      
Outline: 3/10
Paper: 3/31

To Consider

  • Contemporary Context
    • Economic
    • Social
    • Cultural
    • Historical
  • Audience
    • Who is supposed to hear?
    • Who is excluded?
    • How was it received? 
  • Language Used
    • Logical, ethical, and/or pathetic appeals?
  • Main Points of Speech
    • Primary arguments
    • Controversies? 
  • Reception Today
    • Same reception?
    • Are these issues still relevant?