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BIOL 460: #3 - Where to Find Articles

Biology Databases

Journal Article Search Engines


Our search engine databases are not your normal "Google-like" search engines!  We have access to search engine databases that *only* search scientific journals - - journals that contain professional, peer-reviewed articles.  These are the places you want to search when you are looking for real scientific papers, and when you want to find them full-text right away, not just links to places where you have to pay to get the whole article.....



  • Biological Sciences & Medical Sciences (Abstracts and citations to a wide range of research in biomedicinebiotechnology, zoology and ecology, and some aspects of agriculture and veterinary science.)


  • Biology Digest (Compilation of abstracts and indexes of domestic and international literature in the area of life sciences.)


  • BioMed Central (Science, Technology and Medicine publisher of open access and peer reviewed journals.)


  • BioOne (Contains full-text bioscience research journals)



  • JSTOR (Collections for Arts & Sciences I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and Life Sciences)


  • MEDLINE with Full Text (Provides the authoritative medical information on medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary medicine, the health care system, and pre-clinical sciences found on MEDLINE, plus the database provides full text for more than 1,470 journals indexed in MEDLINE.)


  • Oceanic Abstracts (Worldwide technical literature pertaining to the marine and brackish-water environment.)


  • Plant Science Abstracts (Bibliographic database containing citations and abstracts of scientific literature on plant science, focusing on all plant scientific aspects, especially on pathology, symbiosis, biochemistry, genetics, biotechnology, techniques and environmental biology.)



  • ScienceDirect (Full-text scientific database on physical sciences and engineering, life scienceshealth sciences, and social sciences and humanities.)


  • Web of Science (Citations on science, technology, social sciences and arts & humanities.)