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BIOL 460: #2 - What Topics Can I Pick From?

Potential Topics/Key Words

There are dozens of possible topics for this assignment.

Try matching one of the following red main concepts with one of the blue alternative keywords from the list below:

membrane / / membrane phosopholipid / / membrane lipid / / membrane protein


  • evolution
  • bioenergetics
  • temperature acclimation / adaptation
  • cold/heat and shock/stress
  • interactions with cytoskeletal proteins
  • salinity acclimation / adaptation
  • acclimation / adaptation to high hydrostatic pressure
  • lipid rafts
  • caveolae
  • apoptosis
  • autophagy
  • enzyme regulation
  • oxidation
  • unsaturation
  • vitamin E
  • cholesterol
  • gene expression
  • Docosahexaenoic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid, etc.....
  • microdomain
  • transbilayer



Your search(es) will ultimately look something like these:  


membrane AND bioenergetics

"membrane lipid" AND oxidation

"membrane protein" AND unsaturation

membrane AND "temperature acclimation"