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SOWK 410 Practice III: Find Books

Finding Books

Find books (print and electronic) in SU Libraries using our online library catalog.  Books in our library are arranged using Library of Congress Classification.  The books you can check out are located on the second floor of the library.  If you ever have trouble finding a book you want, PLEASE ask for help at the Research Desk!

Here's a guide that gives you step by step instruction on how to get a print book and an ebook.

Books from other USMAI Libraries

You can also borrow books from any of the USMAI affiliations by selecting the "choose campus" link at the top of the catalog page and then selecting "USMAI All Campuses."  When you find a book you want that is not in the Guerrieri Academic Commons  (GAC) or in the CUrriculum Resources Center (CRC in Conway Hall), click the "request" button and use your ID number to login.  You can have the book delivered to GAC within 3 or 4 days. 

Finding eBooks

From the Find Books, Articles, and More page, click on Find Books and eBooks

We have electonic books (e-books) from different vendors. These full-text electronic books are available through the library catalog.

Follow the instructions for downloading an eBook. Remember, you have to create an account in EBSCOHost as well as in Adobe. Check out the help section.


Note that we do have Encyclopedia of Social Work as an eBook but it doesn't contain biographies. The print version (c. 2008) is kept in Curriculum Resources Center (CRC) library in Conway Hall (formerlyTETC).